Published on Apr 5, 2015
Citizen’s Mass Arrest of the Cabal-NOTICE–PUBLIC ORDER: April 3, 2015                             Click here to read the public order and download the documents:                                                  
Published on Apr 5, 2015

Click here to read the public order and download the documents:…

Can A Citizens Led Mass Arrest Work?

Yes, it can. Because the people, or citizenry in a non legal sense of the term, have always been the true source and backing of governmental power, by our consent. A citizens led arrest, if well organized and coordinated, can work to notify the defunct powers that be that we do not consent. And where necessary, defend our freedoms from cabal controlled minions. This is the well regulated militia the founding fathers outlined in the 2nd Amendment. Not only is a Citizens led mass arrest possible, it is spelled out clearly in the constitution that we must do so for posterity. The logistical details of where to house the captured cabal members, and what to do with them will need to be worked out of course. But we can’t wait for the perfect circumstances to emerge either, a grander phase of data dissemination and education is needed, which the notice below helps do.
Briefly, our true relationship to government is a trust relationship. Whether it be the constitutional republic or the cabal controlled corporation, any form of government requires the consent of the people. How this consent is procured is what determines if a government is honorable or not.
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