Published on Mar 15, 2015
This video is a warning for all asking everyone to step back and see where the pro-vaccine propaganda is headed. The control system of government and their mouthpiece mainstream media and Hollywood do not spend energy on demonizing Americans of a certain belief or point of view unless those people are a threat to their long term plans. The overreach of propaganda we’ve seen surrounding the Measles vaccine is only a precursor of things to come. The seriousness of this matter cannot be overstated.
Not only is America about choice and freedom, especially medical freedom but all the medical literature confirm that Measles is nothing more than a self-limited disease which when a person is infected with it portends life-long immunity.
If this dress rehearsal style propaganda is allowed to work with respect to the Measles (MMR) vaccine which is a live vaccine, makes the receiver potentially infectious for 28 days, has known Thimerosal (Mercury) in it, has been linked to Autism as exposed by CDC’s own whistleblower- and if we know factually Measles is a self-limited disease, then just imagine how forcefully government will react to a potential Ebola crisis with regard to forced illegal vaccination. The Measles vaccine propaganda is just a sign of things to come and everyone should be prepared.
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Peace and love to all,