Published on Aug 5, 2016 Now i wanted to discuss the FunVax & VMAT2 Gene many scientists refer to as the God Gene Some of you that listen to LP may have already heard of the FunVax and God Gene. For those that haven’t i will recap. The FunVax is a Vaccine created by the DoD designed to basically lobotomize someone essentially. The inhibition of the VMAT2 gene aka god gene causes a cornucopia of issues combined with lessening ones connection with source via brain chemicals etc… Now does that mean you will become completely atheist overnight if you were raised christian or muslim, probably not. but what are the long term effects by altering the physical makeup of ones brain and or stopping ones serotonin or dopamine levels. According to leaked documents and video footage there are six forms of dispersal -High Altitude Spraying -Water -Insects -Ground level objects such as a automobile -Diffusion from a stationary object such as a bottle -Infection of food supply – Cattle – Chickens – Produce – Etc…… Watch the FunVax Presentation here… God Gene VMAT-2 Gene… Interview with Joey Lambardi… Nanoparticle transport system for genes thwarts brain cancer in rats… VSV-G Virus… Become a Leak Project Member @ for the latest podcasts and exclusive content. Also subscribe to… for a plethora of data always free & cutting edge. Also has moved to a much faster server and podcasts are available ad free via streaming or download, Also check out Deals and Discounts only available to Leak Project listeners. Be the change you want to see! Category People & Blogs License Standard YouTube License SHOW LESS COMMENTS • 4 Add a public comment… Top comments kitty engels48 minutes ago you can fiend a undercover video from a secret meeting from the in the pentagon, they made that stuff, it is so true as me sitting here but i wouldn’t trust them even if they told me that i would becom a goddes and would be able to live forever and fly!!! if one of my friends fucked it together i would consider it LOL Reply Kurt Colby8 hours ago San Antonio, thought you lived in Missouri Dutch Reply Stephanie Silcox8 hours ago huh? you mean he sounds like Dutch? Reply Kurt Colby8 hours ago +Stephanie Silcox it is Dutch or Rex. same guy Reply Autoplay Up Next Chemtrails causing Climate Change and killing VMAT2 Gene Brother John 380 views 13:18 Planet X Visible in the Pyrenees, Orbital Path, Software Corelation William Wallace 3,356 viewsNEW 2:11:39 WSO SPECIAL REPORT – Did SECCHI Team Show Nemesis, then Cover IT UP? Steve Olson 1,740 viewsNEW 21:12 THE SECRETS OF KING SOLOMON!!!! / and Freemasonry revealed john lockett Recommended for you 2:28:55 END TIMES SIGNS: LATEST EVENTS (AUGUST 5, 2016) Mr Doom 8,252 viewsNEW 18:50 Inside Peak – 4 Star Bunkers – Planet X Discussion with Founder of Vivos Survival Shelters Leak Project 1,179 viewsNEW 2:28:08 SHOCKING: HILLARY MIND CONTROL MELTDOWN AT LAS VEGAS RALLY MKULTRA? ChemTrailsMN 9,521 viewsNEW 14:01 Nibiru Update – Founder Vivos Survival Shelters – Rare Peak Inside Resort Quality Bunkers Leak Project 2,785 viewsNEW