Published on Feb 18, 2015

This is the most important thing you will hear or see in your entire life so listen well. Earth existed 5 billion years . In fact many prominent scientists seriously consider that this alphabet – which is Babylonian cuneiform alphabet was given to humans by non humans over 8,000 years ago. There is tangible physical and irrefutable evidence of past extraterrestrial visits. And I will present this evidence of past extraterrestrial visits in the next 5 minutes. Not one but ten pieces of true alien technology. However, now let me tell you that although Earth was visited in the past – the coming invasion will be fabricated by DARPA and CIA to enslave earth pupation for the New World Order. This will be the job for the next American president. On 9/11 they laid the foundation for the global enslavement and it will be completed in just a few short years. Both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are groomed for the job. So no matter who wins we will get the same outcome. If fact, Obama top National Security and UFO adviser John Podesta will announce his resignation from Obama administration to run Hillary Clinton election campaign in just a few days. After that he likely to receive top Clinton cabinet position and facilitate fake Alien invasion – the Blue Beam project. Obama is just a transitional figure, selected by Rothschilds and Rockefellers to divert everyone attention of what comes next. Believe it or not Obama does not have the highest level of government clearance. Or if you into the Bible studies – than you know that he is a great deceiver predicted by the Bible. After him World War III and global cataclysm will follow. Then, fake alien invasion staged by New World Order to save us. But substitute the word “save” with word “enslave” and you will get the idea.
How do I know all of this? I talked to many powerful people. One of them is Russian Consul Vladimir Vinokurov. He told me that shortly after re-election Russian President Vladimir Putin was made aware about global elite plans and was asked of his and Russian Space Agency full cooperation. He refused and said that Russia will not participate in their game so 5 billion of US dollars were invested to destabilize Ukraine and start the war, 15 more billions were invested to destabilize situation in Russia and 50 more billions were invested to brainwash the world against Russians and create UFO hysteria around the world. In the recent couple of years TV programs and shows about Extraterrestrials increased 10 folds, number of signings also increased 5 folds. 500 billions or half or trillion dollars were invested to Blue Beam project and to remove anyone who may discredit it including Russian president. Do you really think there is a power in the world which can compete with this kind of money? Not even Russia or China. China was already bought, Russia is expected to fall due to the war and economic sanctions.
But the most important details I learned from DARPA operative, who told me to be prepared to Alien evasion within 1 year after signals from the space will be received and alien artifacts unearthed. Artifacts like this. Every lab on earth will say there made from an alien origin metal yet the are fake – made by Earth by DARPA. Then blue beam projectors will create an illusion projectors like this but slightly bigger. And for added reality a few physical creatures like this transformer Martensite virtually un-destructible metal worm or like this alien will be made. Do you think that the alien near the wall is real – think again – it’s just a high quality projection by the device like this. Or you think this alien is real? Think again. Or you think that I am real? I am not real. You are looking at thousands gloving colored pixels on the screen. The pattern of these pixels changes one every one thirtieth of the second crating illusion of my presence. With help of a couple powerful friends I spent about 50 dollars creating this illusion. Imagine what global elite can achieve spending 500 billions with help of hundreds of powerful friends.
I promised you an irrefutable prove of past aliens visits and here they are. Not one evidence but seven of them. This is truly a historical moment.