Published on Oct 4, 2014What organ warehouse they use for organ traffic parts? American white ‘kids’ based on organ life! Revealing search corroborates other testimony; this Jewish organ trafficking is NOT isolated! Evidence proved Google is part of the Judeo-Masonic racketeering, pedophilie and treason ring! They lied about the deleted video that’s dead-linked herein, which they CLAIM was misleading! The video WAS made by a Jewish (BLOODED) boy and about a cannibal girl friend of a good friend, who was HIGHLY LIKELY a fellow Jew, based on the details. The video was deleted by #Jewskingphu to cover-up ritual crimes against humanity by fellow Jews! You can download the censored video here and either upload it to Youtube after making a minor change to confuse their illegal rejection software to play it or use a FLV player like VLC or MS Player; *my Windows use is minimized due to all the back doors bill gates added to Windoze NSA!*This compelling and honest Jewish Cannibal Testimony, corroborating Vicki Polin, was disallowed from j00tube racketeers!!ZtB1STzZ!tbNoAvg…*DEMAND INTEGRITY from YOUTUBE, GOOGLE and that the RACKETEERS COVERING UP for HEINOUS CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN! Report ALL Jewish “communist” supremacist and criminal racketeering activity, *like de-listing this and other videos on google searches, to :Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers— (4 0 8) 9 4 7 – S T O P (7867).Governor Jerry Brown NOSE—-(916)445-2841(Responds to complaints of SOVIET STYLE Jewish slavery and child abduction via mind control by terrorizing, censoring the emails and calls of those who complain.)Tags:#OrganTrafficking,#ExtremePedophilia, #VickiPolin, Jewish organ trafficking, #WhiteGenocide, Jewish crime network, extreme pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, #sra survivor testimony, masonic pedophilia, snuff films, Wanda Karriker, Vicki Polin testimony, van der Hart Boon and Jansen 1997, extreme pedophilia, elite pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, sra victim testimony, extreme pedophile child abuse, Extreme ritual Abuse , Extreme pedophilia unwound, Viki Polin testimony, extreme pedophilia abuse, johnny gosch case exposed, lunardis exposed, dunham exposed, jewmans exposed, jahawks exposed, wc666 exposed, pittmans exposed, alfreds911 unwound,