Published on Apr 16, 2016

Update 7/29/2016- due to the enormous amount of stupid comments here, I have disabled them! I WANT TO MAKE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR AFTER SOME OF THE STUPID COMMENTS HERE-THIS VIDEO IS NOT USING A CHILD’S VOICE. IT WAS MADE BY A 19 YEAR OLD YOUNG LADY THAT SEEMS TO KNOW MORE THAN MOST OF YOU OUT THERE! A down to earth view of “the jew” parasite! So far this morning (4/17/2016) I have received three separate “warnings” from three separate “jews” to take down this video within 48 hours! It seems I/the person who made this video has struck a nerve with these parasites! THEY JUST CAN’T HAVE US “GENTILES/GOYIM” (“ANIMALS IN HUMAN FORM”-ACCORDING TO THEIR TALMUD) LEARN THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE/HAVE BEEN DOING TO DESTROY WESTERN CIVILIZATION!