Published on Nov 16, 2013

Marc Dutroux The Monster of Belgium had similarities with the American equivalent called the “Franklin Scandal and Coverup” that are striking. Note current tense as it has not stopped nor investigations reopened despite hard evidence surfacing to corroborate in the “Extreme Abuse Survey”!

1) Larry King equivalent player that took the fall and was released in a short period;
2) Numerous “accidents” in botching the investigation;
3) Numerous elites that were fingered, but allowed to escape prosecution;
4) Victims were further victimized and their stories doctored to allow further persecution!
5) Pogroms to scare other witnesses;
6) Details of the RITUAL NATURE of the murders and participants are kept secret as if they were military secrets!

A huge difference is the Belgian press has enough freedom to escape Talmudic controls and notify the people! This is the case despite even more dead and Masonic “suicides”, i.e. murdered witnesses! Easy to spot based on rubber stamps by police local to the crimes, regardless of where they may take place.

You can judge a country by how it treats its children and elderly; in the west we SUCK at BOTH and you can expect this to continue as long as the UGLE Jewish-Masonic Trojan Horse infestations are allowed to continue.

China and Russia too have their Masonic equivalents which is why/how we were sold to China before the rug was pulled from the economies. This to allow them to play “Economic Hit man” and collect via the RACKETEERING tactics described therein!

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