Published on Sep 2, 2016

Anthony Samsel/ Stephanie Seneff’s peer reviewed paper on Glyphosate, fifth volume, is out. In an interview with Tony Mitra, he lays out the proof how glyphosate as an analog (mimic) of glycine, gets picked up by our body and used by our RNA, mistakenly thinking it is glycine, to go into various parts of our biology and how, once it gets there, it creates malfunctioning proteins that become the trigger for illness and disease.

The first part of the long interview is already put up at :…

This is the second part, comprising almost 38 minutes. It also includes, at the end segment, the five minute talk on how the scientist got various vaccines tested for concentration of glyphosate and how he found the unwanted molecule to be present in many of the vaccines.

This five minute video has separately been put up at…, but is also included here as part of the whole interview.

This second part, together with the first one, covers over one hour of interview. There is a third and last part yet to come.