Published on May 23, 2016

This is a cover of Phantom of the Opera performed by Anon777 with special guest appearances from Tech N9ne with Strange Music and the Budapest Festival Orchestra.

Video filmed by Jason Cantu Cimematography and Secret Anonymous collaboration.

Video edited by Anonymous Entertainment Sector (Secret Anonymous Idea)

Backup dancers: Tech N9ne and Aldini Anon

This performance was done to launch a Summer event hosted by Anonymous, titled ‘Operation New Renaissance’. It is a talent show to direct attention to corruption using the arts, as well as inspire visions and hope of a greater future. #OperationNewRenaissance is presented as an Ingenuity Fest where Anonymous members will seek to explore working with Entertainment Figures to cultivate a much richer culture in our future society, and YOU are also invited to participate and show of your unique skills! Anonymous has taken a special notice of how the owners of the mainstream media have corrupted the spark of our youth’s earned rights to freely express their will and create their World as they see fit. We are here to return our youth to their natural beginnings and reverse the corruption that has tainted the hearts and minds of many men already. We are The Renaissance. We are The Change. We are The World. We Create What WE See Fit, Not They..

To enter YOUR work into our New Renaissance Festival, download the link found below where it says “download link to enter” to get you started on your mission. In the download there are 8 original instrumentals that you are free to use to record over or dance to as long as you credit the producers. There is also a list of rules, greeting letter and welcome video, as well as sound effects and video clips of our animated logos and other fun giveaways to help your entries look official and themed with the event. After this, create your own video and follow the directions seen in this video.

All entries will be shared on this page and our other Anonymous pages to help you get the views you’ve been waiting for to gain a voice and influence on the masses.
We Are One, We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion..
No Need to Expect Us, We Are Already Here..

DOWNLOAD LINK TO ENTER: (…/Operation%20New%20Renaissance%20U… )
PASSWORD: anonymous

– How To Enter –
1. Click the download link in the description and download the starter package to receive all the files and rules for your entry. (link above)
2. Create and upload a video of your talent to YouTube.
3. Title it ” #OpNewRenaissance 2016 [‘name of your entry’] ”
4. Tag it #Anonymous, #OperationNewRenaissance, #StrangeMusic, #IngenuityFest2016
5. Set as a video response to this video: #OpNewRenaissance 2016 [Act 1]
6. Email us a link to your entry with the subject “Op New Renaissance” at
7. Join us on Facebook:… or…

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