Published on Aug 10, 2016

A 20 minute excerpt from a New Horizons presentation with Michael O’Diera. We hope you enjoy it! In a world of deceit and coercive consent, a truly functioning Man needs the vigilant protection of his ‘bullshit detector’. This is sometimes referred to as ‘Common Sense’, though in a world of constant propaganda bombardment and fallacious thinking, this is self-evidently lacking in many. Less frequently, it is referred to as Man’s inherent capability to apply his innate powers of logic and reason in order to reach the truth (i.e. that which can be evidenced.) It is also known as critical thinking – the ability to apply the whole of his brain to that which comes to his attention. In this sense, it works like a coffee filter that extracts the grits, in that it removes the fallacies and erroneous aspects of his thinking. To be free of fallacious thoughts, whether ‘external’ or ‘internal’, Man has to be able to determine the truth through the combination of his natural powers of logic and intuition before he can apply his subsequent wisdom to his life. Video Copyright 2016 © New Horizons, St Anne’s For more information about this and other New Horizons presentations, please visit: [show] – and look out for the button, “DVDs of our Presentations”.