Published on Sep 24, 2016

Wikileaks Bombshells – Bush Stole Election, Obama Illegal Too! Source:… WikiLeaks Doomsday! Our government Illegitimate for last 15 Years!… Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan are asking all patriots to send this information Viral! This is smoking gun and huge news! Hillary Clinton’s Bagman David Brock Fingered. by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert. See the video, WikiLeaks Doomsday!

Our government Illegitimate for last 15 Years! The link is below in the description. UNITED States of America. It can now be reported that Nazi radical homosexual and former Kenneth Starr employee, David Brock, has been fingered as a bagman and a full scale blackmailer in regards to the activities of the Clinton and Chelsea Jefferson Foundation operating out of the nation of Switzerland with direct kickbacks to major U.S. media outlets, including CNN, NBC General Electric and none other than FOX News and Rupert Murdoch. HSBC of Hong Kong and Englewood, Colorado has now been fingered as the direct conduit and money launderer for not only the Clinton Foundation but the secret Clinton-CIA-Chelsea Jefferson account headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with kickbacks going to the Bush Crime Family through secret CIA proprietary accounts in Saudi Arabia.

Current FBI Director James Comey and current U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and current alleged U.S. pResident FOREIGN BORN Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro have been receiving kickbacks on this massive money laundry of U.S. Taxpayers’ funds through HSBC, Larry Mizel, the CME Group and Illinois headquartered Fifth Third Bank. P.S. We can also divulge that NBC General Electric and their sociopath Nazi former CEO Jack Welch has been directly fingered by U.S. and French Intelligence, along with the Russian Federation, in the direct hacking of the year 2000 presidential election, which hacked the U.S. Voters News Service at 8:00 p.m. CST election night 2000, which allowed junior George W. BushFRAUD aka election stealer, nation wrecker, Constitution shredder, U.S. Treasury embezzler, cocaine snorting, AWOL, war criminal, homosexual in-the-closet, to not only steal the state of Florida but the states of New Hampshire, Missouri, West Virginia and Al Gore’s home state of Tennessee. Event Is Coming Soon Subscriber Appreciation $100 Monthly Giveaway://… Visit our sister channel: FYI – For Your Information… Like Us on facebook.… Please subscribe For up todate intel about the Event and Disclosure go to our website: [show] Event Is Coming Soon…