Published on Sep 7, 2016

A scientist claiming to work for the organization responsible for the Mandela Effect answers questions on the anonymous forum 4chan. Is the scientist credible? Is there any truth to what they are saying? Check out my presentation and analysis of the conversation, and the content of their disclosure. Mandela Effect MAIL BAG #1 | Proof Nelson Mandela died in the 1990s? And more!… 4chan screenshots of whistleblower conversation:… Jeremy Bernstein – Theoretical Physicist… The Thinker’s Guide For Conscientious Citizens on How to Detect Media Bias & Propaganda, by Richard Paul and Linda Elder [show] Star Trek #2 – The Saturn Machine… Download the book for free at the following link: Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind – A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond, by Wes Penre… Carl Jung: Individuation Process… The Mandela Effect & the Fifth Hermetic Principle of Rhythm [show] What is the Mandela Effect & Why is it Occurring? [show] The Mandela Effect & the Power of Observation [show]