Published on Dec 29, 2013

ETC PROVIDES NEWS YOU USE The project has opened a portal to the public on the imminent, inevitable, impossible, and improbable that will occur in early 2014, and ETC, is the News You Can Use, which is the replacement for the open subscriptions, although requests for participation are reviewed and discussed with the potential subscriber before it is approved ETC 1 RED DUST REPLICATES WITHOUT DNA — THE IMMINENT The information in this release confirms that the species of microbe replicates without DNA, and the potential threat to mankind is stated, and should be known. The confirmation of this imminent threat, combined with the earths entry into another debris field that contains the seed of this alien life form, adds to the complexity of potential ingestion because the dust is airborne.

See video (click) ETC2 DUST UPDATE PLUS PROJECTED PATHS OF INEVITABLE ETC2 is the release that provides the information of the impossible, with an analysis and visual examples of the imminent possibility that a non-terrestrial species of microbes, are replicating in the hollows of the earth, and descending from the sky, which has the potential to infect mankind from the food or the water, and the air they consume The bio-chemical composition of the microbe is alien to the earth, and the only example that science can compare to its effects on man, is the PRION’s that are attributed to mad cow disease, which does not produce a good prognosis for ingestion by man See video (click) THE INEVITABLE The inevitable that has been foretold, and the research can confirm that the debris field will contain varying sizes of meteorites, and be drawn toward the surface earth, with nothing that will stop their ballistic journey to impact ETC2 SUMMARY The threat that lurks beneath our feet, the invisible agent in the air, and the potential for a meteorite storm, required the project to serve the important considerations that everyone will face ETC APPLIES THE METHOD OF PROCESS ORIENTED RESULTS The vignettes of information from the ETC News You Use, requires 1 to 3 or 5 hours of time, or everyone can learn the solutions in 15 minutes of time, and the potential results will serve them in this life and beyond, with physical evidence of their success SELF REALIZATION-CHOICE-PREPARATION

The simplicity of the choices that everyone can use from the solutions that are available in light of the present circumstances, require a conscious decision by everyone to choose what they can accept, and apply the methodology to continue with their lives, in which they are prepared for any event REACTIONS CONSIDERED BEFORE EVENTUALITIES When confronted by the impossible, many people possess personal convictions, beliefs, or faiths as the touchstone of their life, and will use it when they face their potential demise INFORMATION CONTRIBUTES TO PERFECTION OF PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE Information contributes to the knowledge of one’s own personal convictions, beliefs, or faith, and can be used to perfect the knowledge that they possess, and the solutions do not contradict these same foundations and supports their contentions with a method that everyone can use to produce their own physical evidence with a camera or cell phone