Published on Apr 26, 2014

The Special Edition is a unique opportunity to learn information that has value and worth, because it provides information that is essential for everyone in the world, and it is important at this time that everyone should know before May 23, 2014.

The Special Edition offers the opportunity to review 3 important subjects from the research that everyone should know, what is important, what is imminent, and what is inevitable.

The Special Edition is providing information to the public (FREE) in a unique lecture, instruction format that includes the documents for this 1-hour video courseware. This method will inform everyone that they will be a witness to an historical event, and the knowledge of the potential consequences are being minimized and suppressed by government, finance, science, and media to prevent the public from becoming aware.

There are many people that will find this information invaluable, and some people will not care what this event may or may not mean, which is a choice that everyone can make, and just be surprised when it occurs.

The world has had the knowledge of this event for thousands of years, and many people always believed that it was in the future, which is now here in the present.
The purpose of the Special Edition is to provide this information to allow everyone to confirm it for himself or herself by using their personal knowledge and experience.

The mission of the research is that everyone will use this knowledge to share and prepare for any eventuality, which could start with a bang or something worse, although there are concurrent events that the research has confirmed that will affect the earth, and wisdom and jurisprudence dictates that it is better to be aware, rather than surprised when it occurs.

The Solution provides an answer that everyone can use, and the Special Edition GUARANTEES that everyone that joins will hear and see the lecture (video) access references (videos + documents) and instructions that will allow everyone to document the evidence with their camera or cell phone as their flesh illuminates, and it is hoped that many people will become clean, and receive light that will illuminate the hemispheres of their brain, and becomes the halo that is visible to the inhabitants of the eternal realms.

Free Videos will be invitation only to email requests, with return documents and Lecture Schedule. A one-hour video lecture includes references, documents, instructions, and videos to review (2-3 hours).

Individual Chapters are available for minimal donations to the nonprofit, and subscriptions are available at a level (1-3) of their choice

Resource Library Courseware is available on hard copy (CD/DVD/BLURAY) for S&H