Published on Oct 12, 2016

October surprise_anonymousOriginal upload – Anonymous [show]Clinton/Epstein Court Docs – [show]Details of a video recording, made of Bill Clinton raping a 13-year-old girl have emerged.The video made by MOSSAD, Israel’s Intelligence & Special Operations service, ‘Clothing Shop Network’, (Магазин одежды חנות בגדים) the main organizer and facilitator of which was Jeffery Epstein. MOSSADS ‘Clothing Shop Network’, originated in the early 1980’s, created by one of America’s most secretive billionaires, Leslie Wexner, whose father, Harry Wexner, (changed from Hagan Wexelstein) emigrated to the United States in the late 1930’s, from the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (former Soviet Union).

The ‘Clothing Shop Network’ name itself was derived from Leslie Wexner, being one of America’s top clothiers and who owns the US-based fashion retailers L Brands and Victoria’s Secret. In 1982, SVR intelligence analysts detail that Wexner recruited Jeffery Epstein into the Clothing Shop Network by providing him with an estimated $1 billion to establish a private financial firm named J. Epstein & Company and that Wexner remains the firm’s biggest and the only publicly known client.The true purpose of J. Epstein & Company, however, was to allow Jeffery Epstein to operate within the society circles of America’s political elite and once, ensnaring his victims, he allowed them to ‘fulfill’ their most deviant sexual fantasies, while at the same time secretly video recording them for the purpose of blackmail. Epstein’s blackmail victims included many members of American’s and Britain’s elite, but with his biggest & largest catch being, former President Bill Clinton, who was revealed by recently released flight logs, to have flown on Epstein’s private jet named, “The Lolita Express”, to the secluded, “sex toy land”, Caribbean island run by Epstein 26 times, while ditching his Secret Service protectors… then failing to notice that his, ‘den of sin’, was wired with hidden cameras, secretly recording his orgies with underage girls. Bill Clinton having had sex with young girl children and Hillary Clinton being advised by the Clothing Shop Network, that they had the secretly recorded videos proving it, then masterminded a plot to set up Donald Trump as a ‘straw man’, to be her opponent and as her own emails prove, she was aided in this effort by America’s mainstream media who provided/gave to the New York City billionaire builder, an estimated $3 billion in free media advertising.

We Are Anonymous.                                                                                                         We Are Legion.                                                                                                                   We Do Not Forgive.                                                                                                               We Do Not Forget.                                                                                                           United As One.                                                                                                             Divided By Zero.                                                                                                               Expect Us.