Published on Oct 17, 2016

Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) WikiLeaks SECRET of Julian Assange & Obama’s Internet HILLARY LEAKS FBI has released more documents from its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private emails from her time as secretary of state. In one memo, a diplomatic security agent said Clinton blatantly disregarded protocol by refusing to ride with ambasssadors on foreign trips.. #VETERANS4TRUMP Benjamin Fulford: October 17, 2016 #LATINOS4TRUMP #CNNSUCKS Wikileaks Dump Shows About Hillary Clinton Obama Foreigner Muslim Morning Joe MSNBC US Army Identified : Mrs 2016 Madam Hillary R. Clinton as a potential threat during a training presentation and has halted the practice. YEMEN Anti Ship Missile Hillary Clinton PAY to PLAY Transfer WMD SCAM The shockingly brutal Saudi air campaign in Yemen has been led by American-made F-15 jet fighters and other Weapons of Mass Destruction B61-12-LEP Nuclear Bomb. ISIS U.S. State Dept Weapon’s of Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton YEMEN (Shocking Footage) U.S. military is investigating a possible third missile launch against U.S. navy ships patrolling the Red Sea within a week. The Pentagon said two previous missile launches came from Shiite rebels at war with Yemen’s exiled, internationally-recognized government.
Story of Saudi War on Yemen narrated by a Yemeni Child. PLEASE SHARE

The indiscriminate bombing of civilians and rescuers from the air has prompted human rights organizations to claim that some Saudi-led strikes on Yemen may amount to war crimes. At least 2,800 civilians have been killed in the conflict so far, according to the United Nations — mostly by airstrikes. The strikes have killed journalists and ambulance drivers.
President Obama
Doctors Without Borders (Médicins Sans Frontières). The U.N. Secretary General has decried “intense airstrikes in residential areas and on civilian buildings in Sanaa, including the chamber of commerce, a wedding hall, and a center for the blind,” and has warned that reports of cluster bombs being used in populated areas “may amount to a war crime due to their indiscriminate nature.”

Bombs dropped by fighter jets are pulverizing Yemen’s architectural history, possibly in violation of international humanitarian law.

A few years earlier, as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton made weapons transfer to the Saudi government a “top priority,” according to her closest military aide. [show]
And now, newly released emails show that her aides kept her well-informed of the approval process for a $29.4 billion sale in 2011 of up to 84 advanced F-15SA fighters, manufactured by Boeing, along with upgrades to the pre-existing Saudi fleet of 70 F-15 aircraft and munitions, spare parts, training, maintenance, and logistics.

The deal was finalized on Christmas Eve 2011. Afterward, Jake Sullivan, then Clinton’s deputy chief of staff and now a senior policy adviser on her presidential campaign, sent her a celebratory email string topped with the chipper message: “FYI — good news.”

One American official, whose name is redacted in the emails, said he had just received confirmation that Prince Salman, now the king of Saudi Arabia but at the time the senior Saudi liaison approving the weapons deal, had “signed the F-15SA LOA today” and would send scanned documents the following day.

“Not a bad Christmas present,” he added.
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Another official, whose name is also redacted, confirmed that a Saudi general who had been working with U.S. officials was “pleased, as are all of us,” and said he would soon contact executives at Boeing. Latest Wikileaks Dump Shows About Hillary Clinton Morning Joe MSNBC

The congratulatory tone continues through the email chain with other officials, also with redacted names, calling the weapons deal “Great news!”

On December 26, Jeremy Bash, then-chief of staff at the Pentagon, sent the email string, titled “F-15SA Christmas Present,” to Sullivan, who sent it to Clinton with his own note at the top.

David Sirota and Andrew Perez have previously reported for the International Business Times that Clinton’s State Department was heavily involved in approving weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. As weapons transfers were being approved, both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Boeing made donations to the Clinton Foundation. The Washington Post revealed that a Boeing lobbyist helped with fundraising in the early stages of Hillary Clinton’s current presidential campaign. [show]
Jeremy Bash is now managing partner at Beacon Global Strategies, a consulting firm that provides advice to Clinton on foreign policy while providing paid advice to the military contracting industry. [show]
Facebook group page, showed the former secretary of state beneath photos of Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Gen. David Petraeus and Nidal Hassan under the headline: