Published on Oct 30, 2016

Ex-FBI official: Clinton’s are a Crime Family PAY to PLAY Saudi Weapons of Mass Destruction COVER UP A-Neutron Bomb Nuclear Weapons Technology Sold By Madam Sec. Hillary Clinton Exposing the I.S.I.S Lie: How President Obama & Hillary Clinton Created I.S.I.S. [show] ======================================== ( “The Oklahoma City Bombing and The Politics of Terror” Publisher agrees to destroy copies of this book ) SHARE & Copy MEET the PRESS F.B.I. Clinton E mails For SALE Weapons of MASS Destruction NEUTRON Bomb The Mannlicher-Carcanno Bomb SADM of the WACO TX Cover = OKLAHAMO City BOMBING LINK [show] ======================================== The Clintons, that’s a crime family, basically,” Kallstrom said. “It’s like organized crime. I mean the Clinton Foundation is a cesspool.” Kallstrom, best known for leading the investigation into the explosion of TWA flight 800 in the late ’90s, said that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, was a “pathological liar.” He also blasted Attorney General Loretta Lynch, claiming that she impeded the investigation into Clinton’s private server. “The problem here is this investigation was never a real investigation,” he said. “That’s the problem. They never had a grand jury empanelled, and the reason they never had a grand jury empanelled, I’m sure, is Loretta Lynch would not go along with that.” PRESIDENT Bill CLINTON Days of when the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has stolen design WMD plans. information on the United States’ most advanced thermonuclear weapons. The stolen information includes classified information on seven U.S. thermonuclear warheads, including every currently deployed thermonuclear warhead in the U.S. ballistic missile arsenal. The stolen information also includes classified design information for an enhanced radiation weapon (commonly known as the “neutron bomb”), which neither the United States, nor any other nation, has yet deployed. The PRC has obtained classified information on the following U.S. thermonuclear warheads, as well as a number of associated reentry vehicles (the hardened shell that protects the thermonuclear warhead during reentry). PRC has stolen U.S. design information and other classified information for neutron bomb warheads. The PRC stole classified U.S. information about the neutron bomb from a U.S. national weapons laboratory. The U.S. learned of the theft of this classified information on the neutron bomb in 1996. In the late 1970s, the PRC stole design information on the U.S. W-70 warhead from the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. The U.S. government first learned of this theft several months after it took place. The W-70 warhead contains elements that may be used either as a strategic thermonuclear weapon, or as an enhanced radiation weapon (“neutron bomb”). The PRC tested the neutron bomb in 1988. The Select Committee is aware of other PRC thefts of U.S. thermonuclear weapons-related secrets. The Clinton administration has determined that further information about PRC thefts of U.S. thermonuclear weapons-related secrets cannot be publicly disclosed without affecting national security. The PRC acquired this and other classified U.S. nuclear weapons information as the result of a 20-year intelligence collection program to develop modern thermonuclear weapons, continuing to this very day, that includes espionage, review of unclassified publications, and extensive interactions with scientists from the Department of Energy’s national weapons laboratories. The Select Committee has found that the primary focus of this long-term, ongoing PRC intelligence collection effort has been on the following national weapons laboratories: LINK… Hillary Clinton is criticizing FBI director Jame Comey Hillary Clinton under investigation FBI [show]