Published on Oct 23, 2016

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Saudi-led coalition airstrike hit a funeral hall in Yemen’s capital into “reports about the regrettable and painful bombing” in Sanaa Yemen “This violence against civilians in Yemen must stop immediately by Saudi Arabia’s military terror coalition. Hospitals receiving the injured in Saturday’s airstrikes launched by the Saudi-led coalition force on a funeral hall in Yemen’s capital Sanaa have been overburdened as the hospitals are struggling with inadequate medical resources to treat as many injured as they can.

Three air strikes hit the vicinity of the big hall as well as the hall itself have left 115 dead and 610 others injured, according to the latest data released by the country’s health ministry.
The incident was considered the worst disaster that the city of Sanaa has suffered ever since the Saudi-led coalition started a military air campaign against Houthis and former president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s forces on March 26, 2015.

Almost all the hospitals in Sanaa have received different numbers of the injured after the airstrikes. But due to a lack of medical resources resulting from ongoing conflicts in the country, the hospitals are struggling to treat as many as they can.

“We received 104 injured people with minor injury, moderate injury or heavy injury,” said Dr. Nasr Qudsi, Chairman of the Republican Hospital in Sanaa.

The Republican Hospital, located in the center of Sanaa, is Yemen’s second largest hospital, and therefore received a large number of the injured.
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“This is a disaster in Yemen and it is still ongoing. The airstrikes on the funeral hall yesterday is the worst disaster in the history of Sanaa. We are doing our best. We have asked all the medical staff to spare no effort and called on the public to donate blood at the hospitals. Now all the government hospitals, private and military hospitals are treating the injured for free,” said Dr. Abdullah Abdul Karim Arashi, Director General of the Health Bureau in Sanaa.

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The Yemeni health ministry authority said about half of the injured do not have access to effective medical treatment and need to be treated overseas.

A mourning ceremony was held for the father of the acting interior minister and rebel Houthi loyalist Jalal al-Ruwaishan when the airstrikes took place.

Some witnesses said senior Houthi officials, former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and Capital Mayor Abdul-Kadir Hilal were in the hall.

“We were receiving the people attending mourning ceremony and the hall was very crowded. There were over 800 people in the hall, including the elderly and children. Suddenly we heard the sound of airplanes and then the bombing took place. The first bomb ripped through the ceiling and exploded, with the basement destroyed as well. I was injured and was at a loss. The heat made me feel I was burning. I got up and ran towards the door where people came in to rescue us. Just then the second bomb came and hit those people coming to rescue us,” said Salim Saleh Rowaishan, an injured man who is also a relative of the Rowaishans. [show]