Published on Oct 19, 2016

The Phony war on terror, ISIS work for the American and Israel government, and the UN. Israel brings the wounded terrorists back to their hospitals, gets them better, and then gives them what they need to fight the Syrian government again. And a free trip in the processes. LOL What is really going on, is that the Rothschild’s want to set up their own banking system and control in Syria, just like they did in Libya. Its all about world control. Stuff the Rothschild’s and their satanic NWO. The white house is now full of the Muslim brother hood, courtesy of the British Monarchy. They are the real terrorists, but they act stupid for the media, like they know nothing. RUBBISH. Talk about a major deception. ISIS is supposed to be the enemy of Israel and America, well that’s what where told by the media. After all, its the Muslim terrorists that brought down the twin towers. So what the heck is going on here. ? Talk about a stab in the back by Obama, what a traitor. But then again, Obama is just doing what he’s told by his puppet masters at the UN. Obama is doing his best to destroy the old freedoms of America, by bringing in as many Muslims and terrorists into the country that he can. He has already bought a luxury mansion in Dubai , and plans to bug out, after everything hits the fan. It is so difficult to put everything into words, concerning what is going on in the middle east. Every person needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit, if he or she will ever have a chance of being able to work things out. Satan is using mass deception and confusion, on GODs people. And even many Christians don’t really understand what is going on. Obama the UN the secret societies the Monarchy are all using spiritual warfare against GODs people, as well as an actual physical war. These people and rulers in high places know that Satan is real, and they are carrying out his orders on earth, while they distract the public with lies, propaganda and stupid Iphones and video games. They tell you that your mentally deranged if you say the devil is real, and then give you some of their pills. What a joke. —————————– The main problem people have today, is trying to understand that there is an invisible war going on for their immortal soul, but because they can not see it, they think it does not exist. Well take it from me, it does exist, because i have been in the spirit realm fighting for my very soul. Its why i have this channel to warn you. Also Israel is GODs time clock, prophecy revolves around Israel, and Israel is now a powerful nation. And this is the generation that will see the mighty hand of GOD sweep right across the globe. The sheep will finally be separated from the goats. At this present time, Israel is under the control of Satan, and he intends to sit in the newly built temple for GOD, when the time comes. But don’t worry, GOD is only allowing this for his own divine purpose. When this happens the true Israel’s will rise up against this false Messiah, and cry out to their true GOD Yeshua to help them. And of coarse he will. GOD Bless the true Israel and its people. And to Hell with the jewish Satanists in high places, that are planning to destroy the world through evil means.