The Story Behind The Story

I was born into a devout LDS (Mormon) family on Sept. 28, 1959.   This is what is known in Mormon lingo as “born under the ‘covenant’.   I served as a missionary for two full years in Upstate New York, where I was a mission leader (Assistant to the Mission President, and Zone Leader) and worked on the Hill Cumorah Pageant in a very high level.   After my 2 year stint, I returned to Utah, married a sweet Mormon girl in the Manti LDS Temple, and started a family.   I lived Mormonism 110%.  So, why did I abandon it?  Simply stated, I came to know the Biblical Jesus of Nazareth in a very personal way.  In short, I became a Christian!  In short, my soul seeks the TRUTH, and I learned of His saving Grace through knowing Him!

Here is my witness and solemn testimony to any Mormon who is honest…

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