Published on 26 Dec 2015

Jews have always been a nomadic without a country, that is why they are so scattered and clever. Everywhere they go they turn nations against each other and benefit from destabalized areas… If you still don’t get it let me explain… ISIS is the expansion tool for Israel – The Headquarter of Terrorism… In order to conquer a nation you need to destabilize it through fake opposition or “diversity” and moral killing pop-culture just like in the Western World… Haven’t you wondered…? The whole World’s army including NATO cannot beat one stone-aged group of criminals. Western Jews were able to beat National Socialists who consisted of scientists, professors and very well trained german soldiers but they cannot beat those goat fuckers… It’s because they DON’T WANT to beat them. They control ISIS, it is created by them and you have been fooled… Constant wars are beneficial for bankers. Wars need loans with an INTEREST, after the War you need to build up everything, it takes loans with an INTEREST. Loans come from the banks. Banks belong to the jews. Jews want another WW. They are not the co-victims of multiculture, they are the organisers of it! You have been fooled..