It’s well known that we humans are very gifted, otherwise we wouldn’t fly around the world and master the internet, or is there something we’re not supposed to know about? Wouldn’t just EVERYTHING you ever known be transmitted with the realization that we have in fact VERY HIGH ADVANCED ancestors with spaceships and nuclear? Wouldn’t you come up with a million questions? Why don’t we know anything about them? Why did they hide them from us? And why with the emerging evidence do they still hide it? Well what about the free energy they have hold from the public for many many years? What about the chemo-cure’s that we’re well known to give 90% MORE cancer to patients than reduce some of it? What about the human-testing that has been done in every way you can NOT even begin to imagine? This has not been done like we generally know but the last years the governments have been releasing their documents to the general public, this could surprise you!!! Going from testing electro-shockes in psychiatric hospitals, chemtrails to distribute LSD and make prozac of it!!! People should be able to get help when they have been victim of such things, we should try to recognize it and help others when needed and protect eachoter against the windmill, we know the problems, have the evidence so what are we actually waiting for?? we all are human!!! Or are we not?? <(@ ̄︶ ̄@)> please get involved and share your thoughts, greetings, Kitt